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Powering Better Communication – for Everyone

Bantr is a powerful new API-based cloud service that enables new functionality for mobile app developers and web publishers. After implementing our SDK (iOS, Android, web) into your app or website, while your users write content and compose communication, Bantr continuously performs contextual searches in the background and provides results back to your users. After opting into any of the found search results, links to rich pages of related information are inserted into the what was composed. Users no longer need to switch away from your app or website to perform searches in browsers, copy, switch back, paste links, etc. Instead, they just keep composing right where they are and are helped along the way.

Bantr is not only free, but you are paid for implementing our SDK and generating usage of our platform – providing you with a new type of revenue to augment or replace existing revenue strategies. Bantr helps your users communicate better, helps keep them with you, and helps you shift revenue from the search engines – to you.

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About Bantr

Bantr was launched in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Scott Lipsky. Launch is set for Summer 2017.

We are a rapidly growing tech startup with immediate openings in engineering. See our open positions and apply today.

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