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Scott Lipsky

Founder & CEO

Scott Lipsky is a Seattle-based serial entrepreneur and investor, responsible for launching, financing, growing and leading many startups and successful companies. His experience includes key roles at Amazon, aQuantive, Barnes & Noble and Gamestop.

Beginning at the age of 16, Scott was early in the tech space where he began developing apps before apps were on the world’s radar. He designed and wrote custom software in the emerging personal computer market, while continuing his self-education and work with tech and business.

In 1987, he joined Babbage’s – now GameStop (GME), a 6,600-store international retail chain – to launch and lead their Technology department when the company was operating its first 16 stores and beginning to grow exponentially. While there, he architected and built the world’s first entirely “PC-based” enterprise computing platform to be used by a major retail chain to run its whole operation. As CTO, Scott played an active role in the company’s IPO.

With the success of his innovations at GameStop, and with growing interest from major retailers about his unique distributed computing platform, Scott launched Omni Information Group in 1991 serving as the company’s CEO and Chief Architect. Omni quickly became a leader in the retail technology solutions sector, winning major clients including Barnes & Noble.

In 1994, Scott joined NY-based Barnes & Noble (BKS) as Chief Technology Officer of its retail and college bookstore divisions. He was responsible for overall management of technology strategy, development and operations for the chain during their period of explosive growth – when the “big box” retail trend took hold in America.

In 1996, Scott was introduced to Jeff Bezos. Together they quickly agreed that Scott should join the fledgling Seattle-based startup (AMZN) as its Vice President of Business Expansion, where Scott played a leading role in the early explosive growth of the fastest-growing business in history. He was responsible for business development, strategic planning and content acquisition & licensing for the worldwide megastore. Scott also played an active role in Amazon’s IPO.

Scott then co-founded Avenue A | Razorfish (aQuantive) and served as its Chief Technology Officer. aQuantive rapidly became the world’s leading digital marketing technology and services company, helping advertisers and ad agencies intelligently build, market and grow their businesses and brands. The company was sold to Microsoft in 2007 for $6 billion (at that time Microsoft’s largest acquisition ever). Scott was responsible for the architecture, development and operation of aQuantive’s extensive proprietary technology platform – as well as for building aQuantive’s R&D lab which focused on mobile, interactive TV and other emerging digital content & advertising delivery platforms. Scott also played an active role in the company’s IPO in February, 2000.

In 2003, Scott founded GalleryPlayer – the world’s leading provider of high definition imagery and technology for the explosive flat screen TV markets. The company invented this new content category, licensing the world’s best imagery from major multi-national brands and building content management & distribution solutions. GalleryPlayer had its content and technology deployed and distributed to customers by many world class partners including Google, Microsoft, Comcast, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Samsung. GalleryPlayer was sold in 2008.

Scott then created PhotoRocket in 2009 – a revolutionary and unique photo sharing concept that made its public debut in 2011.

Since arriving in the Pacific Northwest in 1996, Scott has been busy starting & funding companies and mentoring entrepreneurs & emerging technology companies. He frequently speaks at universities and conferences on launching and building successful startups, and is on the board of the Seattle International Film Festival. Additionally, Scott was co-founder of Lot 47 Films, a NY-based independent film distribution company. And in 2016, Scott was an Executive Producer on Garry Marshall’s film, “Mother’s Day”, starring Julia Robers, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis. For three years Scott also served on the board of Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. He was also a founding owner of 509 Wines, a boutique Washington winery.

Scott is always working on development & funding of new technology and business concepts, focused on trying to predict “the next big thing” in making consumers’ lives easier and more productive.

Scott’s personal interests and activities include flying, hiking, world travel, photography, food and music.